About MikiAyana & Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water

Meticulous, Trained, Certified & Globally Approved

Our spring water is abstracted at the source (Don Figueroa mountains) and transported to MikiAyana Company Limited bottling facility in Lititz by huge food grade stainless steel, five thousand gallons tanks. The raw water is meticulously tested and all contaminants removed before bottling takes place.

This water source is located at the foothill of these mountain range that stretches from the parish of Manchester to St Elizabeth and is located in the Cabbage Valley area of St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Boasting the second highest rainfall in Jamaica next to the world renown Blue Mountains.

All our products are 100% natural spring water (no minerals added) and are packaged under the supervision of trained managers and technicians who are all certified by the Ministry of Health. Our production facility is also approved by the Government of Jamaica, Ministry of Health, Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Labour and NEPA and our bottled water constantly meets and exceeds both regional and global standards (pH,TDS, Coliform) for bottled water.

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Our current product portfolio includes packages in the single serve (8 oz., 16 oz.) and takes home (1Ltr. 1 gal. 5 gal) packages. In addition, we also produce flavored juice drinks in 8 oz packages all made from the same spring water. no minerals added pH. 7.0-7.5

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